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Arlette Gruss

Arlette Gruss is a circus borrowing from both the modern and the traditional, which tours France all year round.  

As french circuses often have a special type of job contract (short, fixed-term contracts), Arlette Gruss needed to streamline their HR processes, namely their expense claims approval and reimbursement processes.


Customer Marc Muller—Chief Financial Officer
Eurecia consultant Aurélie Enjalbert

Some key figures

2 x
payroll management is twice as fast
90 %
quicker expense report management

Customer testimonial

Eurécia has saved us time on payroll management, which takes us almost half the time it used to.
Marc Muller

What led you to implement an HR software solution?

We needed to streamline our HR processes. Circus performers in France have a special type of job contract (CDD d’usage: short, fixed-term contracts), with most of our performers having their contracts renewed on a yearly basis.

On average, we have 110 performers working for us, including many foreign workers. It’s mostly our “permanent” staff that use Eurécia: our HR manager, our accountant, tour manager, and 4-5 stage managers.

Our main reason for setting up an HRMS was to make our admin process easier to manage, for instance when exporting data for accounting.

Another requirement that came to light was regarding our expense reports process. When we’re on tour, there’s a bunch of us purchasing small supplies or paying tolls. Streamlining our expense claims approval and reimbursement process was a matter of necessity.

On what basis did you choose Eurécia as your HR software?

I was actually already familiar with your solution. I worked in insurance before being hired by Arlette Gruss, and I used Eurécia while I was there. When we decided it was time to look into HR software, the choice was an easy one to make.

How did your staff react to the new software?

Everything went really well! Eurécia has been a real time saver, so the reaction among the staff has been extremely positive.

What are the main benefits of Eurécia’s software according to you?

Obviously, the time it saves us, especially when preparing payroll, which now takes us almost half the time it used to.

Expense report management is also a lot quicker. We used to do everything by hand. People used to bring us their receipts, we’d fill in the expense reports ourselves, scan them and send them to accounting. The old-fashioned way!

Nowadays, people send in their expense claims with their phone and all we have to do is approve the requests online. If I had to guess, I’d say that we’re saving 90% of our time.

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