HR software for small businesses

An all-in-one HR software bundle for small businesses (under 20 employees)



rh portal features


Digitise your HR data

  • Employee directory
  • Onboarding feature with checklist for new arrivals
  • Detailed personnel files (personal details, job contract, monthly salary, etc.)
  • Pay slips available via secure online access
  •  Notification system (end of probationary period, end of contract etc.)
  • Document management solution: share important documents with the whole company

Zen by Eurécia: leave and absence features

LEAVE & absences

Simplify leave and absence management

  • Supports all types of leave requests (annual/paid leave, sickness etc.)
  • Staff holiday entitlements are updated in real-time
  • Download absence spreadsheets to prepare your payroll

Zen by Eurécia: expense report features


Automate your expense claim reimbursements

  • Auto-scan process
  • Automatically detects 20 preset expenses: restaurants (lunch/dinner), hotel, flights, train etc.
  • Receipts are scanned and backed up online
  • Full expense claim history available at a glance
  • Fuel costs are calculated automatically according to approved mileage allowance payments (MAPs)
  • Costs can be assigned to clients/projects…
  • Quick & easy approval and reimbursement
  • Download expense claim spreadsheets for accounting purposes

Zen time and activity features


Simplify time tracking and project time management

  • Employees self-report times on a monthly/weekly/daily basis
  • Log hours/days worked
  • Time breakdown per project/client/task etc.
  • Analyse project profitability
  • Download data in spreadsheet form

Zen performance review features


Pain-free performance reviews

  • Plan performance reviews online
  • Customise your assessment forms and build templates
  • Plan performance appraisals and follow-up with employees
  • Share material with employees pre- and post-review
  • Access performance review history for all employees

Zen by Eurécia, well-being features


Measure Quality of Work Life

  • Get anonymous feedback on employees' “mood of the day”
  • Promotes social dialogue
  • Allows you to get ahead of issues and tackle them ASAP



No hidden charges here!

  • From 0 to 10 users: €49/month (Excl. VAT)
  • Over 10 users: €49/month (Excl. VAT) surcharge for every extra 10 users
  • One-time €200 (Excl. VAT) access charge  

Example: for a company with 8 employees, ZEN by Eurécia will cost €49/month + €200, which amounts to €788 (excl. VAT) for the first year

A user of ZEN by Eurécia is a person whose information is stored in the software’s database (not archived) and has access codes for the software allowing them to log in.

You can add/archive/delete users at any time. Your subscription fees will be automatically updated if you cross the 10-user threshold.

ZEN by Eurécia is an all-in-one bundle containing 6 modules for a comprehensive HR solution.

Our selection of modules is set in stone. You can however limit their access, to include only those that are essential to your company.

Example: you can hide the Expense reports module from your colleagues or limit access to the board of directors only.

If your free trial has you convinced by ZEN, you can sign up online (after requesting a quote). The data you entered during your free trial will be retained and you will have access to your platform for the next 12 months. Get up and running in a flash! You’ll seamlessly move from Free trial to subscription account without losing your data and settings.

If ZEN by Eurécia isn’t for you, your trial account will be suspended once the 30 days are up, and your data will be erased 45 days later.

Your data is stored in France. Eurécia guarantees the safety and availability of your data 24/7, whether from a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile.

Any data entered belongs to you and you alone. Eurécia’s role is to host the data and grant your staff access to it in a secure manner.

We wouldn’t want to get in trouble with the people behind your payroll software! Eurécia’s purpose is to facilitate your HR data management on a day-to-day basis and to help you prepare your payroll at the end of the month.

Any data that impacts your payroll (absences, time worked, bonuses) can be exported as a spreadsheet to be sent to accounting or payroll.

ZEN by Eurécia enables you to manage your staff’s time and time off thanks to the Leave & absences module. This data can then be synched with Google Calendar and Outlook. 

However, the Planning module, which enables more extensive resource planning, is not included in the ZEN by Eurécia offer. For more information, contact us by email ([email protected]) or phone (+33 5 62 20 03 69)